March 21, 2013

Young bull moose has got my number

Young bull moose has got my number

On Tuesday while on assignment in Red Lodge, I was finishing up the shoot waiting for the evening light to appear for the final twilight shot when this young bull decided he owned the area (which in fact he does!)
He and his young lady proceeded to lay down and enjoy the sunset in the exact spot where I had scouted earlier in the day. I needed the shot, but I also wouldn't mind a few shots of the moose either. So, knowing moose and their mangy tempers and sharp hoofs (more people are gored by moose than bears) I proceeded with extreme caution. Armed with my trusty Canon 5D Mk II, 100-400 lens, bear spray and S&W 44 magnum on the hip just in case, I belly crawled ever so slowly in the snow to get a few photos. As I got within about 75 yards, just close enough to be able to retreat to my truck if needed. Just as I set up the tripod, he proceeded to slowly get up and check me out, sniffing his giant snout in the wind to see what I was all about. My heart was racing, this was the moment! Either he now makes a move at me and I run back to the truck as fast as possible, or I get a great shot. Lucky for me, he could care less about my monkey self running around his turf, and I ended up getting the shot (of the moose, and the shot for my client)....

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