Montana Panoramic Gallery

A Collection of photographs by Craig W. Hergert
Large format panoramic landscape photographs - since 1997

"He is an artist of uncommon acumen, his eye attuned to visions of great magnitude alongside the specific substrata of both the human and the wild, flora, fauna, land and sky, the face of a wildflower or the neck of a swan, captured and given to those of us graced to witness his craft."

SHANN RAY - foreword to the book 
"Montana Panoramic: Transparent in the Backlight"

Craig does a masterful job of capturing a timeless feeling in all of his breathtaking images. He has spent thousands of days getting up before dawn to climb to just the right location, so that when the sun comes up and before the lifts turn on, he will get that magic photo that will excite you and make you want to experience freedom of your own."

excerpt from "Montana Skiing The Last Best Place"

"Hergert’s panoramics seem to capture the entirety of a scene, from subtle differences in topography and color to holistic form and totality of detail. The result is a more comprehensive engagement of the mind, and a more visceral aesthetic response. When you see an image in Montana Panoramic of a place you’ve been, if only once and years ago, you recognize it immediately.

Mike England, Spring 2008 
"Outside Bozeman"