"Canary Spring under the Northern Lights" - Yellowstone National Park, MT (OE)

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"Canary Spring under the Northern Lights" - Yellowstone N.P., MT (OE)

Location: Yellowstone National Park, MT (Mammoth Hot Springs)


Available in standard vertical, horizontal, square or panoramic format.


I had been keeping an eye out on the Aurora Borealis activity in the area for the last couple weeks, trying to find a night I could skirt my time commitments at home and head out to see what I could find. Finally, I had an opportunity to sneak out for an all nighter and loaded up the truck to hit the road. Had a few locations picked out in my mind in the northern Bridger Range, along the Gallatin River or north of Livingston. Instead, I opted last minute to head south to Yellowstone National Park, a place of mostly avoid unless I am able to get off the road and hike in the back country.

There was a little light on the horizon from 10pm to 2 am, but nothing to write home about. I scoped out a couple spots, and crawled in the truck to take a little nap. I bolted up after the quick snooze, afraid I had slept too long, looked at my clock and it read 3:33am. Figured it was the perfect sign to head out again. The fall rutting elk screamed in the distance as I cued up the headlamp and fastened the bear spray to the belt. Made my way down to Canary spring to set up, and was humbled to start watching the show. The Milky Way, the falling stars, the slight dancing of the pinks, greens and purples, the gurgling of the bubbling hot water, the stomping hooves and bugling in the distance. I had found the right place and the right time for what was needed for the photos, and for my soul.