“Oumessourit Summer”   Cascade, MT

“Oumessourit Summer” Cascade, MT

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Location: Missouri River  Cascade, 2008

The Missouri was named Peki-tan-oui on some early French maps and, later, Oumessouri. The Missouri River, longest tributary of the Mississippi River and second longest river in North America. It is formed by the confluence of the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers in the Rocky Mountains area of southwestern Montana (Gallatin county), U.S., about 4,000 feet (1,200 metres) above sea level. The Missouri proper has a total course of 2,315 miles (3,726 km). Some sources, however, give the combined lengths of the Missouri proper and the Red Rock River (the upper course of the Jefferson River) of southwestern Montana as that of the Missouri River itself, instead of identifying it as a river system made up of both streams.