Meeting and working with the great Warren Miller!

Had the honor of not only meeting, but working with Warren Miller over the weekend in Big Sky! I was brought in to record audio tracks for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada. (lucky bit of having the right equipment, at the right time, with a good friend asking a favor). Feeling pretty damn good right now......Nothing like being able to sit in a room for an entire morning working with an icon in the industry of photography, film and the entrepreneurial spirit.

We did about 100 takes on fifteen-30 second script reads to welcome visitors to each arena at the Olympics. So, if you happen to be in Vancouver for the games this year, and you hear the unmistakable voice of Warren welcome you to the luge, it all happened here. And a kid who started skiing at the age of 4, with visions of powder films and lofty ideas about "living the dream" in his little head, got to meet a hero....

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