February 23, 2015

Time to get back outside and reconnect-Paradise Valley Star Gazing

Time to get back outside and reconnect-Paradise Valley Star Gazing

As with many people today, I have become very burnt out on the constant bombardment of news, stories and information. This love-hate relationship  with technology and its current intertwining with my life, livelihood and links to current and past relationships is a hard path to follow that I constantly struggle with.

From the need to feel connected by reading what is going on in the world, with my clients, my friends, and now with "virtual" friends -- to the desire to be disconnected from everything and reconnect with nature becomes more and more intense each day.  A tiny computer called a phone now goes with me everywhere I go, allowing me more connection and communication than ever before, yet I find myself feeling even more disconnected using it less and less. Preferring instead to shut everything down, and by disconnecting…actually reconnecting.

This is part of the cycle in which most artists participate by immersing themselves in society, then relinquishing this connection to search for isolation and silence in order to tap into the source. The place of creation that, in turn, communicates back with the masses in order to remind ourselves of the power of being in the moment to recognize all that is around us.

I am lucky in that I have found a place in which I can achieve all of these things through the process of landscape photography.  Where silence, solitude, creativity and connection are achieved by searching, waiting, watching and receiving. When I am isolated and connected with the source, open to what is given, I no longer "take" photos, but am "given" them, and for this I am truly grateful.

 "The Light Above Paradise"  near the Yellowstone River, Emmigrant, MT