Staying up all night to shoot the Northern Lights - BOZEMAN, MT 4-19-15

Insane? Possibly.

Rewarding? Definitely.

Though this night only brought a slight hint of the green and purple dancing light spectacle from the north into view, the process of the whole experience was priceless.

I love shooting early mornings, late evenings and even more so, all night long staring at the dark night skies. There is a silence, calm and tranquility that comes from gazing deep into the cosmos, viewing a galactic history with a time and space that is tricky to wrap my head around. I also like having the knowledge that most life on this side of the earth are snoring in unconscious oblivion while I'm happily watching rocks fly through the atmosphere in a blaze of glory.  It makes me feel like I'm stealing a little bit of extra time, a little bit extra life that is not constrained by clocks or daily chores.
Trust me, if you are itching for a new perspective, put on the coffee and get out and pull an all nighter.

Watch a sunset.

Watch the moon rise.

Then get lost in the stars like you did when you were a child.




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