April 24, 2023

Northern lights above Bozeman! - April 23, 2023

Northern lights above Bozeman! -  April 23, 2023

I love seeing all the images and video that everyone took and posted to social media all over the west last night, such an incredible display by Mother Nature!

I started my shoot off heading north out of town to get away from the lights and clouds hovering over the valley. Meandering through some of my favorite gravel back roads, I decided that a bridge access of the East Gallatin River near Dry Creek would be a perfect place to hang out for the show. I sat in awe as the greens magically appeared and dissipated in and out below the stars as the calm trickle of the waters from the East gently immersed my mind into an experience bordering on spiritual. 

The cameras sensors and long exposures show the colors much more vividly than the naked eye. But once your are in a place of relative darkness and allow your eyes and mind to become attuned, it is still possible to see the movement, even this far south.

Looks like there is possibility of more shows throughout the week, so get out there and take a look! What is the worst that could happen, staring at the stars outside for an hour or two? I think we can all use a little dose of that every now again to "put us in our place" of feeling tiny in this giant universe among infinity.

I should have taken many more stills and time lapse shots, but honestly after about an hour of shooting, I just put away the cameras and just lay out on the ground watching like a child.  Strangely, this was the first time I've actually been able to see and touch the soil that has been under 3-4 feet of snow all winter....the smells, the sounds of birds and moving water....the light show...It was just what I needed!