Photo equipment for those interested in geeking out on the technical side

A lot of people ask me what type of equipment I use. Though I don't find that the specifics of equipment matters all that much as all of the equipment is really good these days, thought I'd start a blog post of shots and descriptions that may help out those just getting started in photography.


This is the setup for the impressions series to create dreamlike light painted images with no photoshop! Images straight out of the camera with filters and intentional camera movement.

Sample of the "Impressions Series" Check out the whole collection here:


Scuba gear for underwater shots...I use the Ikelite system for Canon 5dMkii with a 17-40L lens, and 100mm macro.


Preliminary scan of 120 roll of Velvia 50 on Epson V70


Film Camera: The Fuji G 6x17 large format panoramic camera with Fuji Velvia 50. Can only take 4 photos at a time with this beast. I rarely use this film camera any more due to the high expense of processing and hard to find film. I used it mostly for compositions with moving objects where stitching can be difficult

Tripod: Induro 413. I love this thing, solid and even better, extends to 76". (I'm 6'5" and it helps)




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