March 07, 2018

Fly Fishing and Backpacking on the Tenderfoot River

Fly Fishing and Backpacking on the Tenderfoot River

Even though the last few weeks (and this winter in general) has been some of the best skiing in Montana in years, spring is finally beginning to slowly show itself. Of course spring in Montana can be a tumultuous time, with warm sunny days following by soul crushing blizzards over and over again until finally....its July. But the little pieces of sun are quite welcome, they bring hope and dreams of warm days on the trails and rivers.

Last fall I went on an assignment for the Big Sky Journal to document a newly accessible area on the Tenderfoot River, a beautiful tributary to the iconic Smith River. Here is a link to the online story, and be sure to pick up the spring Fly Fishing edition out in stores now: 

Also, here is a link to view and purchase prints from all of the photos from the trip:

And here is a link to one of my favorite images from the Tenderfoot trip titled "Eternal Pools" now available as on open edition print: