A recent spring backcountry hike and ski at "Notellem" Peak.

A couple phone pics from a recent backcountry hike and ski with a like minded wandering soul at Notellem Peak.

It's just a fact. Everywhere is getting more crowded. Even 15-20 years ago I had a hard time going to a ski hill, or any trailhead on a Saturday. Honestly, I just don't do well in crowds. There is a reason I always hit the road or trail to get out and find some peace and quiet, take photos and hide out, it works for my mindset. It's not for everyone, but it does heal the soul. And if you need a little "tree bath" these days to help you navigate life a little better, more power to you. Nature is the cure.



Earning the turns in the backcountry. ©2022 Craig W. Hergert

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